The Brian Jones Bust

'We Don't Want A Statue To Rolling Stone Brian Jones In Our Town' - 'Addict Is No Role Model For Spa Town' - 'Rolling Stone's Statue Gathers Very Few Friends' - 'Monumental Argument' and 'Town Divided By The Lifestyle And Legacy Of Brian Jones'. Just some of the headlines and editorial banners in Cheltenham's local newspapers during June after the announcement that a bust of Brian Jones would be unveiled in the town's Beechwood Shopping Mall on the 3rd July 2005

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In the 9th June edition of Cheltenham's local newspaper, the Gloucestershire Echo, David Reynolds announced the unveiling of a bronze bust in the town's Beechwood Shopping Centre as, 'a lasting memorial' to the 'Golden Boy' Brian Jones. The bust, reportedly costing £5,000 was created by local sculptor Maurice Juggins and Reynolds stated: "We're delighted that the bust has a home to go to” and added that Tom Keylock, Brian's former minder and chauffeur will hopefully unveil the 'monument'. The largely negative local response to this news can be seen from the above articles and viewed by clicking on the individual image.

On Sunday the 3rd July, as has been the custom for many years, BJFC members met at the graveside to pay their respects to Brian and decided afterwards to go along to the Beechwood Centre to view the 'unveiling ceremony'. We decided that being in a public place we had every right to go along and even though many had contributed to the Statue Fund without being 'officially' invited, a tribute to Brian, no matter how unpopular with the majority of Cheltonians, was at least going to be a small victory for his admirers.

Standing amongst the small group of onlookers and listening to the 'dignitaries' talking into the TV cameras, the pomposity of the occasion was quite embarrassing and, with inappropriate 70's Stones songs like 'Miss You', 'Brown Sugar' and 'Tumbling Dice' playing over the shopping centre's PA system, the drawn out ceremony was developing into an uneasy farcical event. The sight of Tom Keylock sitting amongst the invited dignitaries caused particular concern for us and one wonders just what a member of our Government's House of Lords, Cheltenham's Mayor with his Lady Mayoress and the rest of the official party would have thought if they knew of the suspicions surrounding the whereabouts and actions of the former Rolling Stones gofer on the night that Brian died?

However, the reason for us gathering in this less than salubrious setting for a permanent tribute to Brian Jones finally arrived and contrary to popular belief, Tom Keylock did not unveil the bust – this 'honour' was undertaken by two of David Reynolds most loyal supporters, Arnold Berkman and Massimo Bonnano. As the BJFCC President and Vice-President removed the cloth covering the bust, to say everybody was aghast at the spectacle being revealed does not do justice as to how we all really felt, it was hideous. So awful in fact that when you see a picture of the bust alongside Brian it's immediately apparent how dissimilar they are.

brian bust   brian colour

The general consensus of fan club members, as we took a closer view of the bust, is that it does no credit at all to Brian Jones. The likeness is poor and the representation of the apparent 'golden' hair style was commented on by one member of the public as him having an omelette on his head!

Far from giving any fan of Brian Jones a focal point in his home town, this debacle will only give the doubters and do-gooders of Cheltenham a good chuckle.

There are further images on the World Wide Web and people are making their feelings felt on many of the Stones and Brian Jones message boards.

Trevor Hobley

Message 1 - Wednesday 6th July 2005

Re Brian's statue, I just have to comment: would some vandal kindly paint it black? It looks like Marvin the Martian, LOL.

Miss U.

Message 2 - Thursday 7th July 2005

I would like to know what other people think of that Bust of Brian? It's awwwwwwwwwful


Message 3 - Thursday 7th July 2005

Hello Brian fans, It's funny that you ask someone to Paint it black Miss U - yesterday I was saying to my friend; no colors anymore I want to paint it black! Just saw the cartoon link & my friend & I busted up! It makes me wonder if the guy who made it used an earlier bust he was commissioned to do but didn't finish & just flopped a yellow helmet on it - My friends & I still can't comprehend that they actually went thru with the ceremony - like what were they thinking - I am surprised that no one said Hell no! & saying who the Hell is that! when it was shown before the unveiling - someone had to see it prior to the unveiling??? Now don't any of you Brian fans get any funny ideas about using sledge hammers & spray paint - I wonder how long it's gonna last? It doesn't look anything like Brian & is an insult really. It'll be nice when the guest book is back - A decent statue of Brian should be made & put in Hyde Park.

True Brian Fan - Kevin.

Message 4 - Friday 8th July 2005

Were looking around for the image we had in our heads of this bust and then focused on this green & yellow comedy face kind of lurched forward at you... its so very sad, no it's goddamn heartbreaking... it's all getting really unbearable now.. that face belongs in an episode of blackadder (if you've seen it you will know the one) Now can we please get back to what Brian was really about??

Thanxs, phil, tracey.

Message 5 - Friday 8th July 2005

This is a sad joke.


Message 6 - Saturday 9th July 2005

that's right : it is hideous

Keith Watts

Message 7 - Saturday 6th9th July 2005

I don't get them playing Miss You, Brown Sugar & Tumbling Dice as they weren't even done with Brian or while he was alive - they should've played - Little Red Rooster, Satisfaction, Time Is On My Side, Ruby Tuesday, Paint it' Black, Jumpin Jack Flash & 2000 Light Years From Home but if only one song could have been played that fit the occasion & seems like what Brian must have felt about the bust & unveiling, it would have to be: ALL SOLD OUT from Between the buttons album:
"ALL SOLD OUT, I FELT SO GREEN it was JUST LIKE THAT I was PUT DOWN FLAT I was SOLD OUT just like that, I missed the point of you doing it YOUR MIND MUST HAVE JUST JUMPED THE TRACKS, I took a BIT DIFFERENT VIEW of it, YOU SOLD ME OUT AND THAT'S THAT!" Brian must be very amused right now!

True Fan Kevin

Message 8 - Saturday 9th July 2005

I like the statue, it's the hair which stands out, why don't they paint the hair green, all one colour, I'm sure this would make a difference.

Jason Seymour

Message 9 - Sunday 10th July 2005

Maybe the person who created the bust needs new glasses...this is not looking like Brian at all. But it's true, it would look better if the hair has the same colour as the face.


Message 10 - Sunday 10th July 2005

This is absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for the people who made the trip to see the statue unveiled. To think Brian was picky about how his hair looked and that's the thing they screwed up the worst. His face is no great shakes either. He looks more like Kazoo from the Flintstones.

Robert Weingartner

Message 11 - Monday 11th July 2005

I am really glad to see that someone finally decided to put something like that up. I just wish it was better. I am sure they meant well, at least I hope. I can not even begin to describe the sadness in my heart for Brian. I was not around in the 60's or even the 70's but I have been a big fan of his for years. I can't tell you how angry I become when I talk about him and people have no idea who he is. Brian Jones was an extremely smart and talented person who gave the world so much. I wish that people would get past all the mistakes the poor man made during his life and see that amazingly beautiful light he had inside of him. I also wish that the person who made that statue would have seen it too. And as far as the songs they played, well that is really appalling. They should have played some Howlin Wolf, Elmore James, or Bo Diddley.


Message 12 - Tuesday 12th July 2005

What a horrible tribute to Brian's memory. The hair is ridiculous...I hope the statue is removed asap.


Message 13 - Monday 18th July 2005

Brian Jones deserves a bust more than anyone else. He was the sixties. Not Jagger, not Richard, Not Morrison, Not Joplin. Brian was the face of that time. Don't you f******* understand that?


Message 14 - Tuesday 19th July 2005

This is a terrible statue, Brian deserves more than this.

Name withheld

Message 15 - Monday 25th July 2005

Its so dreadful its almost funny. And the comedy wig.. what's that all about??!!
I have never in my entire life seen a statue or bust in 2 colours like that. Wouldn't be so bad if it was all one colour.


Message 16 - Tuesday 26th July 2005

What was the artist thinking? If the artist wanted Brian's hair to be an attraction, then why not make it the way he wore his hair? I don't get it, Mick did drugs also and was knighted by the queen! But they don't want a statue of Brian in their town? Are the twits aware that he was not doing drugs when he was murdered?

Sharon Johnson

Message 17 - Tuesday 26th July 2005

Sharon.. I think with Cheltenham, it's a case of a small town with a long memory! I lived in one also when a small child and they had memories like an elephant! You could live there for 20 years or more and still be considered an "outsider". I think Cheltenham has the same kind of attitude and most of the older inhabitants could care less what Brian accomplished, only what he did while a resident there.

Gerry Seda

Message 18 - Tuesday 26th July 2005

I agree, growing up in a small village you're bound to face the 'Mary Whitehouse' types, even in the early 80's my friends & I looked extremely out of place in our home village, an 'upper class' tourist attraction in the Cotswolds- the old dears of this time were filled with absolute disgust by our mere presence. It's the same story in any generation.

These days, a regular visitor to nearby Cheltenham I do disagree with the ongoing myth about it being stuffy etc, the majority of locals aren't against Brian Jones... parts of Cheltenham are at present at the mercy of gangs of kids as young as 14 on drugs with firearms & knives terrorising their daily lives.

The Gloucestershire Echo are constantly running 'name & shame' photo features of those responsible. Brians behaviour suddenly seems pretty average, no different to any of us if you can read between the lines.

Cheltenham still has a great atmosphere - not solely through the Brian connection - it's still a hotbed for some great live bands.

The people who make a controversy about Brian are very few & far between... a dying breed! We're talking a few councillors, lords & ladies here who sit on their fat arses all day scanning the papers for someone dead or alive to crucify.
So before they die out completely they can do some work and:-
(a) please dispose of that bleedin' awful Brian Jones bust in the arcade... (or meltdown & start again)
(b) ..and while you're up, get that fake (Brian lived here) plaque off the restaurant in Bath Road.


Message 19 - Wednesday 27th July 2005

I was very sad to see the statue of Brian-it is nothing like him (I thought it was going to have been made in Bronze).

Name withheld

Message 20 - Wednesday 6th27th July 2005

I also agree with Sharon. Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Paul McCartney, both used to take drugs. A lot of pop stars and film stars took drugs, but they came off them.

I'm a big fan of Paul McCartney and his biography copyright 1997 page 600 reads. Paul had already lost his mate Brian Jones, who drowned when persons unknown held him under water in his swimming pool during a party.

How did Paul know this? Does he know something that could help reopen the case? Why has it not been reopened I'd like to know?


Message 21 - Sunday 6th31st July 2005

I do not know who that is supposed to be but it is NOT Brian Jones. That is the worst bust of any person I have ever seen in my life. Whoever made that thing and I mean THING must have been doing this for the first time. I wish someone would paint it black and then glue a SKI MASK over that hideous thing. How could someone make something like that and the fan club NOT even know what it looks like or even allow it to be put on display? It looks like a Freaken Alien from some planet no one ever heard of. Maybe something from some old Sci-Fi movie from the 1960s and back. YIKES!! Please will someone remove it as soon as possible. PLEASE!!!


Message 22 - Monday 1st August 2005

All criticisms aside toward the people who allowed this thing to be put up, more important is how can an artist create this thing and think it representative of the man??? It seems not a tribute but a mockery. And didn't Brian's killer confess, on his deathbed, in 1993?


Message 23 - Tuesday 9th August 2005

I was a big fan of Brian Jones in the 60's and I recently visited his grave in Cheltenham and also Cotchford Farm where he died. In my opinion the bust looks nothing like Brian and is not a fitting tribute to him. Brian should be remembered in a positive way and as the founder of the greatest rock band of all time. A lot of mystery surrounds the circumstances in which he died and whatever the circumstances it was a tragic end to a young life. I feel sorry for Brian's family who apparently still live in Cheltenham to have this monstrosity of a bust on display in the town.

Elizabeth Griffin

Message 24 - Wednesday 10th August 2005

Has anyone bought the September issue of MOJO? I have and on page 16 there is a picture of the bust of Brian. Now more people can see how awful the green and yellow bust is. It looks like it belongs in the film Charlie's chocolate factory.


Message 25 - Saturday 6th13th August 2005

I agree, it's a terrible likeness of Brian! He was far more handsome than that. Plus, the face looks older than a man in his 20s, as Brian was. The hair is absurd, it looks like some sort of a helmet. I wonder if it glows in the dark? Thumbs down!!

Debra Scott

Message 26 - Tuesday 16th August 2005


Steve Roberts

Message 27 - Wednesday 17th August 2005

I recently saw a photo of the bust of Brian in MOJO ... I was quite surprised that it was not a likeness at all and almost comedic in green & gold. A bust should capture the essence of the man & be a lasting tribute. This clearly does not fit the bill. It should be removed & replaced with with a work of art that is Brian!


Message 28 - Tuesday 30th August 2005

Please get rid of this hideous thing. Doesn't someone have the courage to smash it. I can't believe that we are still heaping humiliation on our beloved Brian. Mick & Keith must have had something to do with this. This bust is not Brian Jones. He was beautiful and is still beautiful to me. What can we do?


Message 29 - Tuesday 30th August 2005

I really hope this is a joke.

Robert Jernigan

Message 30 - Tuesday 30th August 2005

Such a beautiful guy, such a lousy bust!

What a wonderful opportunity lost

Jason Birbeck

Message 31 - Sunday 4th September 2005

This bust cant surely be serious? When are they going to fix the hair? seems like it was a joke.
So disrespectful to brian.


Message 32 - Tuesday 6th September 2005

I think a hat should be added to the statue, maybe sunglasses and a scarf. This would help!

Helen Hall

Message 33 - Thursday 8th September 2005

I'm a big BEATLES fan so I bought THE DAILY MAIL this week to read the story about, JOHN LENNON BY HIS WOMEN.
JOHN is looked upon by most people in LIVERPOOL as an hero and if what I have just read about him is true. It makes BRIAN JONES look like a much nicer person than JOHN. But It's the same old story, people can say what they like about you when your dead, because they can't defend them self.
The people of CHELTENHAM should be proud of BRIAN JONES, THE FOUNDATION STONE. If not for his personality then for his wonderful contribution to music!
They should take that monstrosity of BRIAN down and erect a full statue like the one in LIVERPOOL, at JOHN LENNON AIRPORT.


Message 35 - Tuesday 13th September 2005

He will forever be my favorite Rolling Stone. When he passed I lost interest in the rest of them. He deserved so much better than what they did for him. A lot of the rock stars of that era were on drugs he was not the only one. But they were for the most part forgiven their sins so to speak so why can't Brian be forgiven? Some of the Beatles took drugs so did Joplin, Hendrix, and one of his fellow band members became addicted to heroin and also the late great Ray Charles was addicted to heroin. He should be remembered for his accomplishments not his so called failings. That thing that they call a statue should be taken down and a proper tribute be paid to The Greatest Rolling Stone Brian Jones.


Message 36 - Tuesday 13th September 2005

Please tell me this is some kind of joke???
What on earth was the sculptor thinking.
It is embarrassing, a farce, something surely must be done to properly enhance the image of Brian Jones in Cheltenham. One of their most famous sons has been ridiculed which this abomination of a tribute!!!!

Kevin Stewart

Message 37 - Wednesday 14th September 2005

Sorry, l hope you guys wont get it wrong.. but I have to say that this statue is horrible.. looks like Brian is from star wars. hmm.. it doesn't really look like it would be made with lots of love.. my opinion. maybe people say different.

Sophia Scalpel

Message 38 - Wednesday 14th September 2005

Well I feel Brian would turn in his grave at the site of that bust, his mouth isn't right neither is his nose and that helmet sorry but its nowt like his hair, I'm sure he'd be squirming with embarrassment if he could see it.
I've been a fan of his right from the start and couldn't believe if when he died, but after seeing a programme on Living TV in which Pat Andrews was involved its now questionable as to whether it was an accident, I'm sure time will tell. Best of luck with the fan club, what a looker he was, what a waste.

Elaine Carlton

Message 39 - Thursday 15th September 2005

Hello Brian fans,

The picture of Brian wearing his US flag like shirt looking like he's ready to kick over the Christopher Robin statue in his garden I believe was taken by Ethan Russell - Maybe someone could get permission from Ethan to use the picture of Brian kicking the Christopher Robin statue and change the image of the Christopher Robin statue & replace it with an image of the bust & post it everywhere - Now that's be funny & probably how Brian must really feel about it! Now Maybe I'm wrong but didn't someone from the other fan club see the bust before it was unveiled? someone had to have seen it - I still can't believe that they actually went thru with the unveiling - the bust is not of Brian - it looks as if it was meant to be a joke - everyone I've told about it are in shock when they see a picture of the bust & almost can't believe it!! and I still can't!!!! One day Brian Jones - you will get the credit you deserve for you talents and musicianship - RIP BRIAN JONES!

True fan Kevin.

Message 40 - Tuesday 20th September 2005

Typical irreverence. Brian experienced too much of it in life and is still subject to it 36 years after his death. How any supporters allowed this outright insult is bewildering. Will this gifted young man ever get the due credit deserved? It's bad enough we lost him due to this type of off-handed treatment.


Message 41 - Tuesday 20th September 2005

What can I say?? Only saw this on the 'other' web site at weekend, and instant thought was 'crass'. both my mum and myself felt that this was no ceremony for Brian, but just another David Reynolds PR exercise. And like many others, the thought of Tom Keylock being there was sickening.

Tess Southernwood

Message 42 - Friday 23rd September 2005

Beside the obvious clashing of the hair colour and bust colour, the two also don't mesh in terms of era's. I mean, the bags under his eyes were way more prevalent in his later years after drugs and alcohol had taken over yet the hair style they choose is from his earlier days. Either the hair should go with a younger face, or the face should go with the longer hair, some mutton chops, a scarf, and a hat.


Message 43 - Friday 23rd September 2005

Brian deserves recognition but this bust is disgusting. It looks nothing like him, and the ' hair ' is so crude. It is humiliating and should be removed a.s.a.p.

Liz Southernwood

Message 44 - Sunday 25th September 2005

Check out page 17 in October issue MOJO. Top left of page...then think of the green head.... (its not even a bust really) still in shock 3 months on......


Message 45 - Monday 26th September 2005

Brian wasn't really good material to be in the pop business. He was too sensitive to every real slight or perceived slight; just over-sensitive to everything. I think he was a shy person and shy people in show business put themselves at risk. Some people are born shy. He just wanted to be in a Blues band and didn't really think it was going to be show business. Perhaps the biggest ambition he thought of was playing the Marquee on Thursdays. That was the end of it. But, he was quite fluid in the way he talked. He was quite a good communicator at the beginning, though it was in a slightly schoolmaster-ish way. But, he did communicate, which was really needed then because people didn't quite understand what it was all about.


Message 46 - Monday 26th September 2005

Hello to all Brian Jones fans. this statue is a total disgrace. it's not even close! I realize the ones who did this hates Jones that much. I hope this is just a joke because if it's not funny.

Mick Foley


Message 47 - Thursday 29th September 2005

What's that? It looks like a clown with a gold wig. What about a gold nose?! I think the people who made it meant well but what were they thinking! This should be brought down immediately. it's humiliating!


Message 48 - Saturday 1st October 2005

'cor, it's 'ideous. A tribute is a fine idea, but if any such thing will find a home, better it should be in London.

Richard Freeman

Message 49 - Tuesday 4th October 2005

This was the final insult to Brian, his family, friends and fans. Was the sculptor colour-blind or just blind!!!.Looks nothing like him. I'm pretty saddened by the whole affair. It would have been fitting to have a proper Bust, or life sized statue of him, but memories are good enough for me.

William Draffen

Message 50 - Thursday 6th October 2005

Why couldn't the artist just create something that looks as close to Brian as possible? What a way to preserve his memory, putting an orange omelette on the top of his head.

Sam E

Message 51 - Tuesday 11th October 2005

Hi all - don't know if you've heard - there is to be a new Bust of Brian made in Bronze to replace the present one in Cheltenham.


Message 52 - Wednesday 12th October 2005

Brian Jones was a genius and changed the face of British music, he was a free spirit so badly misunderstood by the "upstanding" citizens of Cheltenham. This so called tribute makes Brian and all that he stood for look ridiculous therefore giving the mean spirited doubters of Cheltenham more ammunition to slag Brian off. They know not how privileged they are nor would they be fit to touch the hem of his garment, the same goes for Mick and Keith, where were you? and where the hell would you be now if it weren't for the true talent in the band who made you the successes that you are now, there's no way you would have made it without him. We love you Brian, your memory will never die.

Cathy Cullen

Message 53 - Wednesday 12th October 2005

Yo aaaamo a Brian Jones el es mi obsesion, ojala mas gente supiera q fue el maestro de la musica psicodelica.
I looooove Brian Jones and have an obsession. I wish more people would know that he was the maestro of the psychedelic music.


Message 54 - Wednesday 6th12th October 2005

Hi Liz, where did you hear about the new bust of Brian? Lets hope it does him justice! Does anyone know when the drowning of Brian Jones, will be shown on FTN the Freeview Channel? I didn't get to see it when in was on the Living TV Channel.


Message 55 - Thursday 13th October 2005

Brian fans... the "bust" isn't being re-designed... just the green thing being used for a mould for a finish in bronze. we hoped it had been stolen - when out of the corner of one eye... noticed the glass case was empty! BUT unfortunately the same face will remain with Cheltenham forever as it's to be only re-done in bronze. well at least the GREEN IS GOING? I REALLY hope so ...AT THE VERY LEAST.


Message 56 - Wednesday 2nd November 2005

Yea, I was at the unveiling of Brians 'bust'. {where were u lot?} Have to admit, I wasn't overly pleased. But it was a great day. Where were you lot?????

Robbie Boulton

Message 57 - Saturday 5th November 2005

look at this bust! these are not Brian's lips!
painting black? good idea!
~a real Brian Fan from germany~
with greets from Germany, :)


Message 58 - Tuesday 8th November 2005

What a joke!!. All this serves to do is to make a mockery of Brian. When will he get the recognition he deserves....

Brett McIntosh

Message 59 - Tuesday 8th November 2005

Lets face it after so many years Cheltenham is still stuck in a Victorian Spa town mentality. You gotta give them credit for sticking to their opinions about Brian. Though I wonder if outside influences are pushing the agenda somewhat. Mind you the the bust is bloody awful. London or even Hartfield would be a better place for the bust


Message 60 - Thursday 10th November 2005

I have heard a rumour today that the disgusting creation of 'Jughead' Juggins has disappeared. Hopefully the rumour is true and that some wag has knicked it and totally destroyed it. Maybe it has just gone off for repainting!

Captain Glassback

Message 61 - Sunday 4th December 2005

I believe the bust of Brian is now back on display and looks a little better. Has anyone seen it?


Message 62 - Sunday 6th December 2005

Yes Ann, the bust is back in place at the Beechwood Shopping Centre. As you might see the omelette has been removed and the green tinge removed. It does actually look bronze now but this isn't the original bust that was unveiled so ceremoniously back in July. According to the Cheltenham Fan Club website, who organised this 'tribute', "they hope that the original bust will be placed on permanent loan at the Pittville Pump Rooms". So the omelette will be forever Brian.....


bust1   bust2

Message 63 - Wednesday 14th December 2005

Hi all, the Bronze Bust is a definite improvement on the previous one -mind you anything would be better!
Merry Christmas to Trevor ,Pat and all the fanclub and people involved.


Message 64 - Tuesday 31st January 2006

I think that people should appreciate Jones a bit more than superficially....there are people out there who are completely obsessed with Brian.. he is a god to some... he is an inspiration to others, such as myself....remember this....

John Vieira

Message 65 - Sunday 20th February 2006

RE: Jones Bust. I agree. The Bust appears to be more of an insult than a tribute. This is not appropriate at all.

Scott Brittain

Message 66 - Friday 24th February 2006

I like the statue, it does make a difference with the hair changed colour, in April I coming to visit Cheltenham and have a good look around, anyone who has guest houses please could you email me, just something cheap for a couple of days, i wanna visit Brian's grave, his houses, i'm gonna do the route from the foundation stone, anyone wanna join me please feel free to show me around, (all ladies from the area wanna help ha ha) hope to hear from somebody soon.


Message 67 - Friday 21st April 2006

Regarding the orange bust - awful!! Tacky and amateurish in the extreme - what on earth was the "artist" thinking? Clearly he doesn't know the first thing about art and how to capture a fitting likeness. And in a shopping mall of all places! It's an absolute insult to the memory of Brian and his family who still live in Cheltenham. I'm sure Brian would have been turning in his grave, or at least having a right good laugh at the sight of this goblin. The new one is slightly better, but the likeness just isn't there - it's still tacky and in the wrong place.

Charlotte Thomson

Message 68 - Sunday 30th April 2006

It looks like he's got radioactive hair.
He certainly deserved better.


Message 69 - Monday 5th June 2006

I was appalled when I saw that first statue. How humiliating. The redo in bronze looks a bit better but there's room for *Lots* of improvement. And, ah, shouldn't any statue of him be in a "Rock Hall of Fame" somewhere or the 'Rhythm and Blues' equivalent instead of a *shopping mall*??? Also, at the risk of seeming unfanlike I never have subscribed to having statutes made of people. It always reminds me of worshipping the 'golden calf' in the Bible. The people fashioned the image of a calf and made it out of pure gold - then fell down and worshipped it. Special people like Brian aren't gods but the memories we have of him and the photos and all of the written memories of him by those who knew him should sustain us. Not to mention the great music he played while still with the Stones. I've downloaded a couple of short riffs that he and Jimmy Hendrix did together too. And, this fan site is brilliant! I am So Impressed with it - it's a great tribute ... you can tell there is So Much Love here for Brian. It saddens me to know that having done so much for the music world he was cast aside and most memory of him seemingly erased from the music scene. Although, I'm happy to say that I've found a few 'tribute' songs to him by some groups. When you stop and think about it it's really ironic isn't it? To the world Brian and others were rich, beautiful, famous and greatly envied. But the reality was and is that it is a very shallow life. By that I mean, nothing is real. The people who say they're your friends are usually fair-weather friends. They hang around you for your reflected fame and glory. They want to be seen with you to be envied, themselves, or to get ahead in the business. Basically, my take on that lifestyle is everyone is there to 'use and be used.' Poor Brian wanted a relationship that was real ... someone to love Him, not for what he stood for or what he could buy or do for them. I think that he was a sensitive man who couldn't reconcile the pretending and stressful world of the 'rock star' with the desperate need to be loved and cherished for himself. When you think about it it's some life. On one hand you're doing what you love - that's a 'good thing' - on the other hand you can't go out because you're too well known so you say inside alone or with someone who just can't wait to tell her girlfriends that she made it with you. To keep the late hours that you must to keep up the 'rat race' it's tempting to take 'uppers' and in order to get to sleep to offset the uppers you need to take downers. I think if Brian had been able to live a more normal life, by that I mean outside of 'show biz' he might have been able to enjoy life. Of course, it didn't help that after awhile he was denied the thing that he wanted most . . . playing the blues. If only he could have lived, he might have found his way with a new band playing the music that he loved. Oh, sure, he would still be a sensitive person but his life wouldn't have been destroyed like it was, I don't think. Sorry for the long post. This was supposed to be just about the statute, I know.


Message 70 - Friday 21st July 2006

A horrible tribute no thought put in or anything, I think one with him stood up in his hippy chik style playing Bottleneck, like the John Lennon ones in Liverpool would pay homage, plus really p..s off those stuck up hypocrites against it off.

Leo Ell

Message 71 - Thursday 10th August 2006

This is supposed to look like the man I idolised many years ago (and still do), either my eyesight is far worse than I thought or I'm seeing a different picture than some other people. It is absolutely hideous as previously mentioned. Surely a more fitting tribute could have been done, I wouldn't have a clue who is was meant to be if I'd just walked past it.
Sleep in peace Brian, still I'm gonna miss you.

Jean Thompson

Message 72 - Saturday 26th August 2006

The bust is not at all flattering, and hopefully it will not be on permanent display anywhere as a tribute to Brian Jones.
I also think it lamentable that the good and righteous citizens of Cheltenham should be so unforgiving and unequivocal in their rejection of a native son. Whatever individuals or the town as a whole might think of him, he was one of the more famous Cheltonians in history; this by itself should guarantee him recognition in his birthplace! And it's all very well for reformists and conservatives to smugly dismiss anyone who made a name for themselves in the 1960's, along with the era itself, as so much rubbish -- I am not alone, I'm sure, in inviting them to cast the first stone.

Jami Petzak

Message 73 - Friday 15th September 2006

I was always led to believe that a 'bust' was a head and neck at least! So where is Brian's neck and why does it look like someone 15 years older? Also, it doesn't even look like Brian! Now that you mention it, that does look like an omelette on his head! Did this so called 'artist' forget that Brian had beautiful golden locks of hair? I hope the moron never gets a chance to ruin someone else's image!

Name withheld