'Stones Scandal'

Uncut Magazine - February 2005

This edition of Uncut magazine devotes fourteen pages to the founder member of the Rolling Stones. The front cover banner headlines declare a STONES SCANDAL with AMAZING NEW REVELATIONS and is followed by the question: WHO KILLED BRIAN JONES?

articlecover2The Editor of Uncut Magazine writes:-

Without BRIAN JONES, there would have been no Rolling Stones. And yet the golden boy of the '60s was also the first rock casualty of his generation.

In this Uncut special, we look back at Brian’s wild and promiscuous life, the love of music that inspired him to form the Stones and the apparently greater love of alcohol and drugs that led to friction with the ambitious axis of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, for whom he increasingly became an unreliable liability, his musical input diminishing with each new Stones record, to the point where the band decided they could no longer deal with his self-destructive behaviour and unceremoniously sacked him.

We also focus on the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death by drowning in 1969, which at the time was described as 'accidental’, but which seasoned conspiracy theorists have long believed may have been deliberate and that he was forcibly drowned in his own swimming pool.

As new evidence has emerged over the years, speculation that Brian was, in fact, murdered, have intensified to the point where many feel the investigation into his death should be officially re-opened. Our investigation throws new light on all these theories and turns up amazing new revelations.

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There’s also an exclusive report from the set of The Wild And Wycked World of Brian Jones, the new film about Brian directed by Stephen Woolley, the producer of The Crying Game.

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Elsewhere in the new Uncut, there’s an hilarious encounter with Dennis Hopper, who looks back in wonder at his amazing career and the years he lost in a blur of drugs and booze, we also spend quality time with the equally eccentric Julian Cope, Hollywood’s Mr Sinister, the great Alec Baldwin, talks us through the highlights of his movie career and Bob Geldof shares his thoughts with us on the 20th anniversary of Band Aid.

Finally – this month’s free cover mounted CD features the R&B roots of The Rolling Stones, 15 tracks that inspired the band featuring Bobby Womack, Ike & Tina Turner, Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Albert King, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and more.

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