Pat Andrews in Amsterdam - Pauline Stroosnijder, Forty Licks Fan Club 

Pat in AmsterdamRecently, over the weekend of the 4th and 5th March, Holland's Forty Licks Fan Club had the pleasure to invite Ms. Pat Andrews to the exclusive Dutch one-off viewing of Stephen Woolley's Brian Jones movie ‘Stoned’, at the trendy Kriterion Cinema in Amsterdam. The events over the weekend were organised by the FLF and made possible through courtesy of Dutch distributor, Bridge Entertainment.

Pat arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on the Saturday evening and joined myself, our chairman Robin Scherrenburg and his wife Calista in attending the exhibition of Stones photographer Ethan Russell at V!P's Art Gallery in Rotterdam. After a short introduction to the audience by the gallery's owner, Peter de Raaf, Pat managed to talk briefly to Ethan Russell before we all wandered around, taking in his work. After the exhibition we travelled back to Amsterdam by train and throughout the journey Pat talked incessantly about Brian. We finally reached the hotel and as Pat was scheduled a full programme on Sunday we all decided to call it an early night.

Pat in AmsterdamThe next morning Pat was picked up by Forty Licks Fan Club board members Jose Loman and 'Voodoohat' Bernd Rosema, the latter having been a Brian Jones devotee since September 1965 when he first saw the Stones in Germany. Bernd was a Brian look-alike in the 1960s, very much to the dismay of his parents! This Sunday Bernd again got dressed for the occasion (right) and although he had met Pat some years ago he felt terribly privileged to pick her up and take her to the Kriterion cinema, where the ‘Stoned’ screening was to take place.

Upon arrival Pat was immediately set to work since two film crews were at the scene to do interviews with her and incidentally, these interviews will be included on a special features DVD which will be available, together with the ‘Stoned’ DVD through our Forty Licks Fan Club. After the interviews Pat was soon introduced to the cinema audience and was immediately surrounded by genuine Dutch fans of Brian Jones. She patiently posed for photographs alongside fans and answered every question.

The viewing itself started at 1.30 pm with excerpts from the Swedish documentary ‘Rolling Like A Stone’ recently discovered by the Brian Jones Fan Club and the main feature, ‘Stoned’, started immediately after. Although the film was met with mixed feelings we think that on the whole the afternoon was well-received by the visitors, not in the least because of Pat’s presence, and Philip Townsend’s exhibition-for-the-occasion of smashing photographs of Brian and the very young Stones.

Also in attendance was Dutch musician Diderik Groen who brought along copies of his excellent CD and made many sales. His ‘Thank You For Being There’ is a six track CD, five tracks of which have been written and scored by Diderik about Brian Jones, and incidentally all proceeds from sales go to support the activities of the Brian Jones Fan Club.

amsterdam3FLF Board Members Calista Wissink and husband Robin Scherrenburg say goodbye to Pat at the airport.After the viewing we took Pat off to a local restaurant where we continued to ‘grill’ her about Brian and the early days of the Stones in Edith Grove and around London and she recounted many stories. Too soon it was time to say goodbye and we took Pat back to the airport and waved our farewells after such a great weekend: .“Pat, thank you for coming over, we appreciated your presence tremendously and we look forward to welcoming you back here in Amsterdam, possibly at the end of July when the Forty Licks Fan Club International Stones Convention is scheduled in Amsterdam. Thanks for all the memories you wanted to share with us!

drs. Pauline Stroosnijder

amsterdam2Pat talks about Brian Jones to FLF Members amsterdam5Cinema ticket for the exclusive screening of 'Stoned' at the Kriterion, Amsterdam. amsterdam8Pat chats with Bernd 'Voodoohat' Rosema and another Stones fan.
amsterdam7Pat enjoys a drink and a chat with Pauline Stroosnijder and Calista Wissink. amsterdam4Poster for the Ethan Russell exhibition, at the V!P's Art Gallery in Rotterdam. amsterdam9Rob Rison meets Pat who signs his cinema ticket.