'Rolling Like A Stone' UPDATED DVD

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As the demand for the original 'Rolling Like A Stone' DVD declined we no longer continued to stock copies but, if you would like a copy of this updated version please contact the supplier direct www.ballparkfilmdistributors.com


In the Winter 2005 edition of AfterMath, Swedish teenager Mona Ovendal recounts her experiences of meeting and spending time with Brian Jones during the Rolling Stones tours of Scandinavia in 1965. Mona first met the Rolling Stones in Gothenburg in March 1965, then, a few months later she hooked up with Brian, Mick and Keith at a party in her home town, Malmo.

In Malmo Sweden, on the 29th June 1965, the Rolling Stones played the Baltiska Hallen in front of hundreds of screaming teenagers. In the audience that night were members of two local bands, the Namelosers and the Gonks, and of course Mona with her friend Ingela Strom. Ingela’s brother Ola Strom sang and played rhythm guitar with The Gonks.

After the Baltiska gig Mona and her friends went on to a local club where the Namelosers and Gonks started performing on the makeshift stage. Imagine their surprise when out of the blue Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones arrived and joined in with the jamming!

After the club session, Ola Strom invited the three Stones back to a party he’d organised at his home, a party which went well into the night and after which the three Stones stayed on at Ola and Ingela’s home for a few days. Finally, time to leave and Brian and Mona went on to Copenhagen as Mick and Keith returned home to the UK.

At the house party however Mona remembers somebody with an 8mm cine camera recording the youngsters having fun, and sections of this footage are included in a new DVD released by Swedish documentary makers Stefan Berg and Magnus Gertten. The documentary concentrates on the Namelosers and The Gonks but there’s great footage of the Stones in Sweden including their Malmo gig, and of course some of the home movie shot at Ola and Ingela Strom’s house. There’s also a section of the DVD devoted to the Stones day out on the high seas when they spent a day on board the floating pirate radio station Radio Syd; great footage and photographs of Brian especially. The DVD is in Swedish but has English subtitles; ‘Rolling Like A Stone’ is a great recall of the music scene in Sweden in the 1960’s and is a ‘must have’ for any Brian Jones and Rolling Stones fan.

As the demand for the original 'Rolling Like A Stone' DVD declined we no longer continued to stock copies but, if you would like a copy of this updated version please contact the supplier direct www.ballparkfilmdistributors.com

Rolling like a stone inlay

Message 1 – Tuesday 28th March 2006

Hello Trevor

Have just received the DVD of ' Rolling Like A Stone' and it is excellent! I'm really pleased to see and hear so much of Brian. I actually didn't think there would be as much. Little snippets that mean a lot to a real fan! I particularly like the little bits where he is being mischievous to camera and I think one bit really shows, or you can at least imagine him having a bit of a dual personality. I don't know, just the look in his eyes. I have so little footage of him so it's so lovely when something like this little gem comes along! Thank you so much and also thanks to the Swedish team and Mona for her memories.

I hope you and the team are all ok and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and thanks once again.

Love Carmel (# 1365)

Message 2 – Wednesday 29th March 2006

Hi Trevor,

I just wanted to let you know that the DVD has arrived yesterday and last night I had the chance to watch the documentary. I have to tell you that apart from the never-before-seen footage of the Rolling Stones which of course I loved, I was really touched and moved by this unpretentious, heartfelt programme, which proved once again that Swedish filmmakers have a certain touch, keeping things from getting too sentimental or false. So in my opinion this is highly recommended watching. Thanks for giving me the chance to purchase this little gem! Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Bendix Meyer (Germany)

Message 3 – Wednesday 29th March 2006

There are some great photographs and footage of Brian, Mick & Kieth plus an interview with Mick & Brian aboard Radio Syd...I think EVERY member of the BJFC will enjoy this...

Richard Hattrell (# 1204)

Message 4 – Sunday 2nd April 2006

Hi Trevor,

This is one of the rarest dvd in my stones collection. Not so many stones footage but very rare and in color!! This dvd is highly recommended for every stones fan .Do you think that the stones are informed about this footage?

I like the Namelosers to.

I think there is more rare stones footage somewhere in private collections , so people, clean up your cellar and attic and come out with it !



Message 5 – Saturday 15th April 2006

Dear Trevor,

I finally could watch the movie. It is very interesting, even moving. There was some great rock bands in Sweden. I particularly liked the views of Brian of course. Too bad there's not more footage of the Stones live (but I guess there's some copyright problems or whatever). The end of the Namelosers was very sad. That's just what life is about I guess! But there's also something positive with the fact that those people are still in love with what was great in their youth.

Thanks so much

Lex Rider (France)

Message 6 – Thursday 27th July 2006

Hello Trevor, I was very happy to receive the Rolling Like A Stone DVD yesterday. I sat down and watched it right away and I found it fascinating. I also appreciate the letter that you sent along with DVD giving me the heads up on the content.

The documentary is good – not just the insights into Brian, Mick and Keith – but the whole premise of these young Swedes who hosted the boys way back in the day and how their lives played out.

I spent several years working at an Art Film house in Orlando and this documentary would be just the type of work that would be played at the Florida Film Festival. Very interesting bits on Brian and the Swedish girl, a little foreshadowing of Anita and Anna! I also got the feeling that Brian and Mick got along better that what is commonly thought now. I don't know why I felt this after viewing the film...but I did.

Interesting that the Pres of the BJFC lived in Garden City, Savannah. I always like to think about how Brian's presence is out there – from the Ruby Tuesday chain of restaurant to the punk band The Brian Johnstown Massacre or whenever I hear a song from Brian's era in the band on a movie soundtrack (Rushmore comes to mind). Now I have a connection from a fellow former Savannahian. It is a small world! (I grew up in Orlando, had to go somewhere real, so I moved here!)


J. Greg Callanan