The BBC, and the death of BRIAN JONES - November 2006

As many of you know, for the past 3½ years our small team have been researching the death of Brian Jones.

Starting with statements and documents already in the public domain, certain new facts and evidence have been discovered during this period proving categorically that the Coroner’s original ‘Death by Misadventure’ verdict was flawed. Interviews with previously unknown individuals and the acquisition of hitherto unseen documents add to the strength and solidity of our research and prove the depth of cover-up in the circumstances leading up to, and subsequent to Brian’s death. Brian Jones was murdered; we have no doubts about that fact, and the evidence we’ve gathered supports our belief.

As a small group of amateurs, with no real resources, we found ourselves amongst all the other conspiracy theorists and the inevitable label of ‘fan club’ did little to support our credibility. However, the initial support of a UK cold case and forensic company two years ago helped us establish that we were indeed heading in the right direction. Their invaluable advice and professional expertise gave credence to our theories and discoveries. This led to an introduction to a lawyer, experienced in ‘Miscarriage of Justice’ cases who, earlier this year reviewed our dossier of documents and statements and on a pro-bono basis has also lent his vast experience and support to our cause. At the same time, and by a strange quirk of chance, we were contacted by BBC Bristol who, on subsequently reviewing our dossier in depth decided to lend their investigative support also. This past six months we’ve accumulated footage of interviews and, together with the BBC team have made further significant discoveries.

Yesterday, Friday 3rd November proved a landmark in our efforts to have the death of Brian Jones reviewed. From the footage already ‘in the can’, the BBC have completed a short 10 minute documentary on the mystery surrounding Brian’s death and yesterday, Tara Newley provided the commentary to the finalised news item. A longer, possibly 90 minute BBC 1 documentary is now in the exploratory and planning stages.

BBC inside out program poster

In the coming weeks the BBC will record our progress as our legal team make representation to the Attorney General to have the original ‘Death by Misadventure’ verdict overturned, this based totally on the factual evidence relating to the original police investigation, autopsy and Inquest. One original signed 1969 document, never before seen by the public is of particular relevance. If initially unsuccessful, we are prepared to procedurally take this matter to the European Court of Human Rights. Achieving this reversal of the original verdict will ultimately allow us to make the presentation of our new amassed evidence to the appropriate authorities and enable the next stage, a re-investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident leading to a possible new autopsy. Our cold case and forensic company can then take over. The BBC will document every stage of each procedure.

The initial pre-documentary, to be aired on Monday evening does not address any specific points of evidence and, it could be argued, shows much footage already in the public domain. It does however contain additional unique commentary and footage which we believe will be of huge interest to viewers on the night and future visitors to our website. Press releases have been distributed by the BBC to all of the major news agencies and, although initially a local, regional current affairs news item, the BBC will make DVD’s available to those agencies outside of the South West region.

We expect this interjection by the BBC will finally bring to the public’s attention, in the most credible of ways, the fact that there is a case to be answered and that we do indeed have the evidence. Over the years a big screen film and many documentaries have been televised but we’re now confident that with the professional support we have, the definitive documentary on the death of Brian Jones will become a reality. With their reputation and expertise in investigative reporting, the BBC producer and team behind this project have certainly shown their faith and approval of our discoveries.

To those of you who have believed in our efforts, and shown their support, we want to offer our sincere thanks.

Trevor Hobley

View the ‘BBC Inside Out’ footage