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It is not our intention to infringe any copyright on this website. Wherever possible we have sought the owners' permission to reproduce articles, manuscripts, photographs and music. Where this permission has been refused we have adhered to that decision. All acknowledgement of ownership is indicated on or about the material and for a more comprehensive acknowledgement, linked to this page. Where requested we have provided links below to owners websites.

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Trevor Hobley

Gered Mankowitz

Photographs by Gered Mankowitz, copyright Bowstir Limited 2003

It is with grateful thanks that we acknowledge Gered's permission to reproduce examples of his fine work. As you might appreciate, Gered worked not only with The Stones but many other icon's of the sixties and his many books reflect the quality and professionalism that he has always maintained.

If you would like to view more of Gered's work, please visit his website


Paul Wane, owner of Tracks, one of the largest rock and pop memorabilia outlets in the UK and the world's leading Beatles memorabilia specialist, has given his permission to reproduce images, the copyright of which is owned by his company. We would again like to offer our grateful thanks to Tracks for their active co-operation in providing material for inclusion on this site.

Tracks was established in 1989 as a mail order Beatles specialist, to view their catalogue of items offered for sale, please visit their website

John B Appleby

The late author, John Appleby, self published the excellent book "38 Priory Street and all that jazz" which we consider to be an excellent factual account of the music scene in Cheltenham in the 50's and early 60's, the book contains lots of references to Brian Jones. Unfortunately the book is out of print and extremely rare, contact with the original printers has been unsuccessful and we are currently trying to trace relatives' of Mr Appleby in the Gloucester and surrounding area.

If anybody can help with our quest then please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graham Ride

We are extremely grateful to Graham Ride in allowing us to reproduce a chapter from his excellent publication 'Foundation Stone'. Graham was a personal friend of Brian Jones and his recall of his time in Brian's company is incredible. We thought that the chapter reproduced here gave an evocative perception of Brian's thoughts and attitude towards jazz and the blues at that very early stage in his career. Although Graham provided the text for us, we added the links to the snatches of music that they were both listening to, in that small flat in Selkirk House in the early 60's.

For more information on how to purchase 'Foundation Stone' written by Graham Ride please visit his website