Having viewed our Website, we hope that you might consider joining The Brian Jones Fan Club and lending your support in preserving Brian's memory. Brian gave us a lot, not least, probably the greatest Rock 'n Roll Band in the world, The Rolling Stones.

membership cardThe spirit of Brian Jones needs to live on and in our fan club magazine, AfterMath, we hope to achieve that. Each issue brings you interesting articles and facts about Brian, his life, loves and shared experiences. Our members from around the world have contributed interesting articles and as a member of the BJFC, we will also welcome your contributions for publication on this website. We would welcome your thoughts and memories and share them with others within the Fan Club.

Membership CDWhen you join the Brian Jones Fan Club you will receive two back issues of AfterMath together with your Membership Card. You will also receive, as a sincere thank you for your support, a unique CD containing audio and video content of Brian. Each CD is personalised to include your name and membership number making it a truly unique item.

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