Brian Jones Fan Club Compact Disc

As a sincere thank you for joining and supporting the Brian Jones Fan Club, all new Members receive a 'Welcome To The BJFC' compact disc together with their first two issues of AfterMath. The compact disc contains 10 audio tracks and 2 video tracks and is personalised for each individual member by your name and membership number imprinted on your individual disc.

member cdThe contents of the CD include a message of welcome to the Fan Club from Pat Andrews, the Railing Stains version of 'Ruby Tuesday' before which lead singer with the band, Bob Ward asked to say a few words, and it's with great pleasure that we include his comments. There are many interviews on this disc and various sound-bites of Brian, Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman along with many friends and acquaintances who knew Brian. Paul Jones, a true friend to Brian in the sixties narrates some tracks and for those of you with an interest in the macabre, we've included footage of Tom Keylock and Frank Thorogood discussing Brian's death around the pool at Cotchford Farm - this from an early 90's BBC crime program in which the police appeal for help in the death of Brian Jones…….

Finally, catch the Stones performing Ruby Tuesday on the Ed Sullivan Show on this free compact disc which we feel makes a unique welcome gift being unavailable from any other source.

The contents of your BJFC compact disc:-

Track 1 - Paul Jones and Bill Wyman on Brian Jones.

Track 2 - Pat Andrews welcomes members to the Fan Club and talks about the recording session with the Railing Stains.

Track 3 - Bob Ward, lead singer with the Railing Stains.

Track 4 - 'Ruby Tuesday' (Jagger/Richards) recorded by the Railing Stains.

Track 5 - Trevor Hobley in conversation with Pat Andrews and Richard Hattrell.

Track 6 - Paul Jones discusses Brian's children.

Track 7 - Paul Jones on the forming of the Rolling Stones including Brian Knight's recollections of those early days. Elmore James plays slide guitar and Richard Hattrell talks about Edith Grove and Brian's attitude at the time.

Track 8 - Richmond and the Crawdaddy Club.

Track 9 - Drug busts and Mick Jagger talking about Brian's persecution by the police.

Track 10 - Brian's sacking from the band and Bill Wyman's interpretation of Brian's attitude at the time. Lewis Jones on visiting Brian just 3 weeks before his death and an interview with Jeremy Reed.

Video 1 - BBC Crimewatch (1994).

Video 2 - The Rolling Stones perform 'Ruby Tuesday' on the Ed Sullivan Show (1967).