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brian sittingBrian was a complex person, there’s no doubt he had many sides to his personality and his convoluted life-style took many different twists and turns throughout his career. Brian’s musicianship is certainly his legacy, but his contribution to the world of fashion and his experimentation with ethnic music is legend.

Pat Andrews, Brian’s partner in the early sixties and mother to their son Mark: "Brian's contribution to the world of fashion was far ahead of his time; even today his influences can be seen around the world in all the retro shops and high street fashion outlets. Brian was the first to experiment with jewellery and finery often associated with women and his ability to cross the boundary between male and female attire, yet still retain his masculinity and heterosexuality is most apparent. Brian's musicianship and experimentation with ethnic music, from his early sitar playing to the later Moroccan influences show his farsightedness, and it's common knowledge to those who knew of Brian that his non-exploitation of these master musicians was dear to his heart”.

Although this website is dedicated to the life and achievements of the founder of the Rolling Stones, it cannot be overlooked that Brian Jones suffered a sudden and suspicious death. Controversy has always surrounded his passing and along with many others, we have attempted to research the true circumstances behind his death.

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