John MacGillivray was my very good friend and colleague on the AfterMath editorial team. I first met John back in August 2003 when, together with John Kirkham and Richard Lovett, we met up in Manchester to discuss the production of a fanzine for their newly formed Brian Jones Fan Club.

They’d already decided on the name of the magazine, the form it would take, and the first issue’s content; my role together with constructing and managing the BJFC website was to co-ordinate and edit this new magazine entitled 'Aftermath', after the 1966 Rolling Stones album.

But from the outset it was clear that the motivating force behind the magazine was John Mac and when, soon after the launch of the first issue, John and I found ourselves alone on the editorial team, our friendship and professional working relationship became a lot closer.

Also, John’s motivational approach to the investigation into Brian Jones’ death in 1969 encouraged me tremendously and together we embarked on much research and many investigative trips over the years.

The lead article in AfterMath Issue # 1 had been two years in the planning. ‘Through The Past Darkly’ was John’s assessment of the circumstances surrounding Brian’s death and he’d researched the subject for over a decade. He generously shared his research with me and it’s in tribute to his friendship and generosity that I write this.

John was a farmer in the small Scottish community of Nigg Mains, around 30 miles north of Inverness. This 24 hour 7 day a week commitment was shared with the added responsibilities of raising a young family and John, with very little outside help, accomplished both with a quiet confidence.  He was a keen sportsman and would often be seen on the local hockey pitch. He was fit, an outdoors person and I know, an inspiration to his two young sons.

John MacGillivray was my go-to man when I needed any information on the Rolling Stones. A human Wikipedia who could recall the history and music of the band instantaneously. His recall and intimate knowledge of any Stones related enquiry was remarkable. He was also a perfectionist where English spelling and grammar was concerned. He was University educated and his degree in English language proved invaluable and so reliable in proof reading articles for our AfterMath magazine.

John passed away at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness after a short illness in April 2012. He is survived by his wife Lin and sons Daniel and Mark. John’s funeral took place in Logie Easter Parish Church on Monday 30th April 2012.

John MacGillivray is sadly missed.

Trevor Hobley

6th May 2012


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